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About Us

About Empowered Choices

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At Empowered Choices Support Services, the participant is at the core of all that we do! Our team of support workers assist participants in turning their goals into achievements.


We work closely with participants to understand their goals and move them closer to the life they envision for themselves. Our support workers are a dedicated team of professionals that are carefully selected and paired with each participant to maximise goal achievement.


We genuinely care and want to see participants thrive; living an empowering, independent life. Through the provision of service, individuals are nurtured and supported. When you engage with ECSS, you quickly become a part of our family. If you’re ready to move closer to the life you truly deserve, Empowered Choices Support Services would love to assist.


Let’s work together to turn your goals into achievements today!

Our Team.

We believe that all participants deserve the right to have their voice heard. We have a diverse range of support workers for you to choose from based on your wants, needs and interests. 

All of our staff have your best interests at heart and will endeavour to be your biggest cheerleader.

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The Empowered Journey

By Caroline Dalinger
The above artwork illustrates the journey of Marissa Parker and her vision of Empowered Choices Support Services. After becoming a first time mother (to a child that had a congenital medical condition), Marissa saw the vulnerability of those with a disability.

The above artwork depicts Marissa and her son, with their family and friends surrounding them. 

The footprints show the path she has walked on her journey and the communities she continues to support and empower. The purple orbs demonstrate medical issues Marissa has experienced since beginning Empowered Choices.

The family at the end of the artwork is Marissa, her partner and their son. The white star is watching over them and is symbolic of those who have gone before them.
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